The two collections of potted plants, which became the basis for several versions of “Window-Sill” was produced on two occasions in 1998 and 2000.
The initial version was made in Århus, Denmark, in 1998. On our more than 50 visits to inhabitants in the city, we asked people to lend us a potted plant from their window-sill for an exhibition. For each plant we got we gave a flowering plant as a gift in return, in this case a pink begonia. The exchange of the plants worked as the starting point for a conversation related to the plant, about the relation between people and plants. The conversations often focused on social, aesthetic and gender aspect in the home, as well as on the role of the window-sill as an at once private and public sphere. The plants were exhibited together with texts developed on the basis of the conversations. After the exhibition the plants were returned to the owner. Before returning them, we photographed each plant for documentation

Window Sill (with Elsebeth Jørgensen)   1998 - 2003

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