Installation view, Stafet, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, 2004

33 drawings, Ink-jet prints, 29,7 x 42 cm, Audio: 8:15 min., Postcard
Sound editing: Katharina Lampert

The 33 drawings show the inhabited interior spaces and details of recently built single-family houses in the suburban area around Leipzig. The soundtrack contains excerpts of a local radio lottery offering a brand-new, fully-equipped house as the prize.
Since 1989, the suburban area around Leipzig has been changing as a result of the growth of commercial zones and large new residential areas. The post-socialist city as a whole, and the blocks in the large housing estates from the socialist era in particular, are losing their inhabitants, whereas the single-family house settlements on the periphery of the city are expanding. The building of a single-family home is funded by the state, and the media is saturated with the idea of “building your own home”. Commercials for construction companies are omnipresent in public spaces, offering standardized solutions for an allegedly “individual” lifestyle.

Ein Haus, innerhalb der letzten zehn Jahre am Stadtrand gebaut, mit einer Gesamtwohnfläche zwischen
110 und 150 m2, bewohnt von einer zwei- bis sechsköpfigen Familie    2003

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