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Baustelle (Aichenegg, Lenneisgasse 6-8, 1140 Wien) 2009

Installation view
Fifty Fifty. Kunst im Dialog mit den 50er-Jahren,
Wien Museum
Photography: Lisa Rastl

The wall drawing, Baustelle (Aichenegg, Lenneisgasse 6-8, 1140 Wien), and a series of additional drawings are part of an ongoing investigation of the ideas and images of space, architecture, and the urban as manifested in the many public art pieces in Vienna from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. At the time, the city had a program that designated one percent of the construction budget to public art, often in the form of murals that were integrated into the architecture. In these murals of shifting artistic quality, the urban and the architectural are rarely more than the background of the images.
In the drawings, the people and the other main elements in the murals are taken away, and the architectural elements are isolated. Many of these pieces were commissioned by the city and are found in social housing projects of the time, spread generously across the city. Perhaps these architectural backgrounds reveal some of the visions and ideas by which the city was rebuilt after WWII. The work was produced for the exhibition, Fifty Fifty. Kunst im Dialog mit den 50er-Jahren, at the historical museum in Vienna, Wien Museum.

wall drawing 3 x 14m, crayon on wall, Atrium Wien Museum.