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Bauvorhaben 2007

Installation view, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg


The city of Lüneburg is known for its well-preserved gothic and baroque brick architecture. The middle age townhouses communicated towards the street via elaborate facades demonstrating the riches of the builders, often merchants trading the salt mined in the salt mines around the town. In the 20. century this industry and the town had lost importance and was not bombed during WW2 which left the city center remarkably whole for a German city.

Preserving the brick facades takes different forms, partly of course by replacing old stones with new ones. But since centuries the facades were also restored in a simpler way – by plastering damaged parts, or even full facades, and painting the brickwork on top. This often unnoticed method subtly intensifies the theatrical character of the city.

In the work “Bauvorhaben” this is referred to in a large, schematic black and white wallpainting on the full wall of the exhibition space. An official document from the city building building authority hangs on the wall. The sheet with the red spot resembling the Japanese flag is the building notification any builder must place in the window or on the door of his property if he is changing anything in his historical house.

Halle für Kunst
20.10. - 2.12.2007