Work in public space


Untersberger Marble, Granite

The work ().§, developed in collaboration with the architect Walter Kräutler, is connected to the new building of the District Commission for the Salzburg Region in Seekirchen am Wallersee, designed by SWAP Architects. The area is a new development with new residential buildings and another administrative building. Construction of a new public park will begin in 2024. The work was commissioned by the Fonds zur Förderung von Kunst am Bau und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Salzburg – the Salzburg Fund for the Promotion of Art in Architecture and Art in Public Space.
The surface of the work, made of local limestone, is shaped like two large sheets of paper, with black granite inlays showing large numbers and punctuation marks. These signs can also be found on the first page of the Regional Planning Policy, the legal text that organises the land in Salzburg, which is administrated in the adjoining building. The inlaid signs show that this is a legal text: there are section signs and commas, periods, semicolons, brackets, but no quotation marks or question marks. It is a clear and explicit text, without any ambiguity. But the text itself is left out. This kind of text can sometimes seem labyrinthine and illegible. And it will always have to be lived, renegotiated and rewritten by citizens.


Commissioned by
Fonds zur Förderung von Kunst am Bau und Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Salzburg
Bezirkshauptmannschaft Salzburg Umgebung
Seekirchen am Wallersee


Exhibition folder




Photo: Markus Wörgötter