Permanent installation


Steel, frottage on paper, ceramic fragments

The work Ausstellungsräume from 2018 was reinstalled in 2021 in the attic of the castle as a permanent installation in the collection of Kunstraum Buchberg .

„Sofie Thorsen‘s interest in current cultural and socio-political developments and in their historical prerequisites is reflected in her exploration of architecture and spatial concepts. Formal abstraction and reduction serve as catalysts of complex thematic and life-immanent references.
At Buchberg Castle, the artist uses the Bogner Collections archival facilities, which usually house models and diverse documentary materials. The archival documents have been removed, the arrangement of the showcases have been altered and the shutters, normally serving as light protection have been opened. With light falling in from outside, light is figuratively also cast on the function and meaning of this room in the context of the building as a whole. Precisely rounded and overlapping shapes of frames, their sizes relating proportionally to the individual exhibition rooms, can be found leaning against the walls and one of the showcases.
In an abstracted form they thus represent the entire exhibition context, extrapolating the usual function of the rooms as pars pro toto in a different guise. Ancient clay fragment from the premises of the castle in the showcases, frottages relating to them in the drawers, and the rubbing of a stair motif on one of the walls create a link to the history of the castle as a vibrant archive presenting itself as an unfathomable process precisely in its fragmentary existence and shadowy presence.“
Rainer Fuchs


Yesterday, Today, Today

Kunstraum Buchberg