Sofie Thorsen’s large-format frottages in black and white and wall objects that are featured in the present exhibition at the Krobath Gallery, are based on objects from the archaeological collection of the Odense City Museum in Denmark. She scoured the digital database for prehistoric vessel shards, stone tools, bronze objects and jewellery, that had been meticulously measured, numbered and photographed before they vanished in a depot again. Thorsen saves the objects from falling into oblivion, so to speak, by blowing up their pictures, printing and multiplying them, cutting out the images along their outlines and putting them together again in collages. This creates a relief-like surface structure that allows the artist to transfer break lines and edges of the objects onto paper. By putting together the collaged parts in new arrangements, and by shifting or mirroring them, she creates abstract-figurative structures with the different parts interpenetrating. And despite being stripped down to the outlines of the objects, they gain spatial quality.

Excerpt of exhibition text by Fiona Liewehr. The full text is included in the exhibition folder, link below.






Exhibition folder



Exhibition view
Photo: Rudolf Strobl