The paper objects in the second version of the work from 2021, shown in the group exhibition Nordisk Skulptur in the same room as the original installation, no longer refer to objects from the archaeological collection, but are based on photographs of the sculptures that were once displayed in the room.
The most recent version of this installation was shown as part of the exhibition HIER UND JETZT Vienna Sculpture 2023 at the Neuer Kunstverein Wien. Here the frames contained enlarged photographs of sculptures from the Glyptothek of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, an academy where I and many of the artists in the exhibition studied or taught. This collection of plaster casts is stored and exhibited in the basement of one of the Academy’s main studio buildings. They are masterful copies of ancient sculptures, the Roman originals themselves often copies of Greek originals.


HIER UND JETZT Vienna Sculpture 2023
Neuer Kunstverein Wien