Pigment and casein paint on wood, gouache on paper on bulletin board.


In addition to her works using lines on walls, Sofie Thorsen has, in recent years, called attention to surfaces, spaces and temporal structures through the interaction with new, even contrasting features: rigid, repetitive patterns of absolutely
straight lines next to each other are broken by lines that change course and touch other through chance, and tension occurs through the yielding of control. A constant, however, remains the spatial nature of making these marks by causing string that has been infused with pigment to hit and mark a surface by most minimal means, evoking an infinite space.
Her collages bring this line back into play in a different way, delineating what can be perceived as a space: lines outline an area, defining a shape. The artist extracts surfaces between lines which provided with a sense of materiality by painting them. As a result, the painted paper no longer lies flat on the surface. Cut-out forms are then brought together as small format objects of art and lines, surfaces and define spaces which then become a relief. This causes the physical
context of the work to come to the fore as a three-dimensional element, whether in the form of a protuberance or an indentation. The relief has a profound effect on the surface adjacent to it which provides a two-dimensional pendant to each movement in the space itself.

Excerpt of press release, ©Verena Gamper, 2019, English translation: Deborah S. Phillips





Untitled (Diptych)
pigment and casein paint on wood, each 32 x 24 cm
Photo: Rudolf Strobl