inkjet print, pigment on paper, steel
variable dimensions


Inspired by a particular type of japanese folding screen with the same title, this series of installations are created primarily with the imprint of the snap line constructing surfaces that recall textiles. The wall panels, paper rubbed with pigment and folded to objects and steel poles produce a sense of gravity and layers of surfaces. The topic of the original folding screens is the absence of the owner of depicted kimonos, and the works revolve around this absence of the body. All versions of this work plays out the relation between line and surface, the colours and the voids between the elements of the installation.


These collages are independent works within the series Whose Sleeves?. Also here the painted kimonos and the absent body of the owner who is not present in the image are the focus of the works.







Installation view:
Krobath 2018
Photo: Rudolf Strobl