Steel, frottage on paper


Together the pieces Ausstellungsräume 1:3,5, Stufendetail 1:1 and Scherben 1:1 form a site specific installation for Kunstraum Buchberg, a private collection of mostly abstract and conceptual works developed for the castle Schloss Buchberg since the early 80ies.


The work is placed in the space that is usually the exhibition space for sketches and models of the works in the building. The vitrines and the display table cannot be removed from the space and the work adresses this particular furniture as well as the building and its history as an art space.
The steel frames refer to the floor plans of the exhibition spaces, rooms formed over centuries, with their different and never straight angles. In the vitrines shards from an excavation in a part of the castle are displayed where usually documents and models of the artworks are shown. In the pull out drawers frottages derived from the shapes of the shards are shown, and the work on the wall is another frottage referring to the history of the building while being an abstract composition in itself.





Ausstellungsräume 1:3,5
Installation views: Yesterday, Today, Today, Kunstraum Buchberg