Pigment and casein paint on wood, variable dimensions


“Whether on the walls or discrete panels, Thorsen played here with the builders chalk line, a tool conventionally used to plot structure in space with simple precision, and so a fascinating one for axonometric studies. From even a small distance, the black lines in Thorsen’s wall drawings look like openings: cracks or slits in the walls. Only on a closer inspection do they divulge their extraordinary texture. The very technique that produces clear, perfect line also yields an incredibly complex and delicate facture through finger rubbed peripheries and loose pigments scattered with the release of the taut line”

Caroline Lillian Schopp about Sofie Thorsen in Artforum, Summer 2014

In the series “Untitled” the lines of the chalk line produce surfaces of varying densities and colours on wooden panels, often with an almost textile character. The panels are mounted on very reduced wall drawings suggesting a virtual space in which the panels are placed.The surfaces and spatial drawings that can be produced with the imprint of the string allows for a complex investigation of flatness and 3-dimensionality.



Installation View Arco Madrid 2015