11 x 3,5 m, pigment on wall paint


With a snap line, a tool used on construction sites, a large-scale axonometric system is drawn on the wall. For the drawing, the chalk usually used in a snap line has been replaced with pigments. When the line hits the surface, an amount of pigment spreads around the line itself and gives the line a woolen, textile quality, almost 3-dimensional and with a clear trace of the original action of tensing the line and letting it snap on to the wall.






Jesper Dyrehauge (DK), Luca Frei (CH), Daniel Steegmann MangrĂ¡ne (ES), Amitai Romm (DK), Sofie Thorsen (DK)
IMO, Copenhagen
January 25 – March 8 2014



Installation view, Some Straight Lines
Photo: Kristoffer Juel Poulsen