Pigment on wall, pigment and casein paint on wood.

Screens Within Screens expands on the topics of Some Straight Lines. The installation consists of a wall drawing drawn with the snap line and a number of pictures on wooden panels constructed with the same tool. The wall drawing takes some of its axonometric forms from a Japanese folding screen with the same title, whereas the panels depict different forms of seemingly textile surfaces. The axonometric projection is historically the most used representation of space in Asia. Enlarged to the size of a wall drawing, it has a strange synthetic quality – recognizable as a space, its lack of central perspective does not let the viewer localize herself. The installation as a whole evolves around the line, the spaces that can be drawn up, and the screens and surfaces closing and opening these spaces.






Sofie Thorsen
Krobath Wien



Installation view
Sofie Thorsen
Krobath Wien, Photo: Rudolph Strobl