15 collages, gouache on paper, 50×70 cm each.


Dekoratives Band is a series of 15 collages based on an abstract mosaic with the same title from 1954 by the Austrian sculptor Josef Seebacher-Konzut in Vienna’s 15th district. The mosaic is approx. 15m high and placed on a public housing block. It is notable for being completely abstract at a quite early point of post-war public art in Vienna, but otherwise quite typical for its time.
In the collages, the individual shapes of the mosaic are separated from the puzzle-like composition and the dense rectangular shape, and recombined into a series of collages. The collages were shown as an ensemble in the exhibition Mosaik at House of Art, Ceské Budejovice. Here the spatial situation allowed for a rythmical installation going through the rooms on white and black walls. The original mosaic was shown in fragments in four small archival images of the mosaic on the floor of Seebacher-Konzut’s studio.






Dum Umení, Ceské Budejovice
20.02. – 23.03.2013


Mozaik Dum Umení, Ceské Budejovice Photo: Jan Mahr