HD video, 16:9, sound; 5 min
Camera: Hannes Böck
Cut: Hannes Böck and Sofie Thorsen
Sound: Hannes Böck
Light: Åsa Frankenberg


The leading role in Schnitt A-A’ is played by the architecture of the open-air cinema in the Slovak National Gallery, which was conceived in the 1960s. By night, an architectural projector illuminates the brick-built film screen in the middle of the space. But there is no film or audience. The numerous and varied perspectives, surfaces, and materials in the space are the focus of the camera. 
The film begins outside the perforated brick wall, which separates the cinema from the public space. The wall affords glimpses into the space, divides it from the city, and renders the projection space ambiguous. The space becomes visible, yet remains inaccessible. Although typical for its area and its time, the wall reminds one of a different climatic zone, and connects the modernism of the Slovakian National Gallery with a tropical and subtropical modernism. 
Once inside, the camera goes further into the details of the space and the elaborate surfaces step by step, revealing the performative and graphic character of the architecture in the reflection of the light from the projector. A part of the film was the official trailer for the Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film in 2012.







Schnitt A-A’

Kunsthaus Graz

03.03. – 06.05.2012


Schnitt A-A’

Kunsthaus Baselland

19.05. – 15.07.2012


Ansicht, Schnitt
Mumok Kino

Installation view
Schnitt A-A’
Kunsthaus Graz, Photo: UMJ/Lackner