Vinyl on walls, inkjet prints, painted aluminium poles


KAB is used in Viennas municipal archive for Kunst am Bau [Art in Architecture], and in this exhibition referring to the archival sources of the whole play sculptures series. This exhibition is the first in the series to expand the work into 3-dimensional space.

Throughout the 50ies and 60ies the city of Vienna had quite an extensive program for art in public space, which was part of the rebuilding of the city after WWII. In the framework of this program artists also developed sculptures for many playgrounds around the city of Vienna, objects that were thought as sculptures as well as tools to be played with, the so called „Spielplastik“ or play sculpture. Many of these were at least at the level of their international counterparts and suggest a formal language and playfulness otherwise rarely present in the Austrian architecture and design of the time.
Today almost all have disappeared, removed because of wear or for security reasons.





Eine Gruppenausstellung in mehreren Teilen
20.05 – 3.10.2011

Installation view
Kunstverein Düsseldorf