HD digital slide projection, 25 min


During the ‘50s and the ‘60s, the city of Vienna published a series of booklets about the reconstruction efforts. Four of these small books titled “Die Stadt Wien als Mäzen I-IV” [The City of Vienna as Patron I-IV] focused exclusively on the artworks commissioned by the city, many of them in public space and in the new public housing areas.
 The digital slide piece Eine Stadt [A City] shows the pages of these booklets, but on each page, an art piece is cut out of the urban context. The removal of the pieces isolates the surroundings, and reveals views onto the next pages. The empty shapes, the built surroundings, the titles, and the occasional people that appear in the pictures are put into new relations, and the ordered city of the ‘50s is disrupted by the accidental new contexts.






Schnitt A-A’

Kunsthaus Graz

03.03. – 06.05.2012


slide Eine Stadt