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„Tiere wollte ich auch nicht gestalten” 2009

Installation view
Provisorisches Yoga, Grazer Kunstverein 26.09. – 19.12.2009

The work „Tiere wollte ich auch nicht gestalten“ („I did not want to design animals“) continues the series of works about the art in public space that was produced in Vienna from the 50s and 60s. All together, around 2000 pieces were commissioned by the city and integrated into the many new buildings.
The intention was to initiate a dialogue between artists and architects and to eventually bring art closer to the population. From the time of the earlier, more figurative works, through to those of the 60s, many works become more and more abstract. This piece works with these abstract and ornamental works and the ideas of space and form with which they are concerned. The collages in the very small slide projection project a series of possible spaces, a walk through an imagined city composed of these shapes and forms, a city perhaps more modern and contemporary than the real urban context in which these ornamental works were placed. These ornaments are also repeated in the fine pencil drawings on the white side of the boards. However, both gestures remain small and powerless against the heavy structure of the installation.

3 free standing walls, crayon drawings, slide projection 81 slides, approx 12 mins