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Südtirolerplatz 2005/2007

Installation view
SOZIALER RAUM – KünstlerInnen und der Wiener Gemeindebau,
Temporary Space, Vienna. 25.06.-22.07.2009
Photography: Stephan Lugbauer

After WW2 the city of Vienna established an extensive program for art in public space, providing assignments for Austrian artists in the many new social housing projects.
Today these artworks still mark the city. The mosaiks around the entrances in the housing project on Gußrieglstraße, 1100 Wien, depict the construction of the subway station on Südtirolerplatz and were designed by the artists Stephan Praschl, Johannes Krejci, Erna Gruneis-Frank and Heribert Potuznik. Two of the mosaiks by Gruneis-Frank. Frank have later been removed. The slide projection show all the 20 entrances counting up from 1 to 20.

20 Dias, ca 4 min. slide projection
20 slides, approx. 4 min.