Søndermarken, Afrika   2002

“Søndermarken, Afrika” is a series of 8 postcards, 10x15cm, produced for the exhibition “Brøl” in the zoological garden in Copenhagen. The garden is currently in the process of being divided into geographical regions, and the postcards depict the current buildings in the African department, both the ones for the animals and those for the audience. The African department is separated from the main garden and placed in a part of a public park named Søndermarken (the literal translation would be “southern field”). On the backside of the black and white postcards are the data for the building (architect, year of construction) and a quote about how the zoo intent the imaging and staging of Africa in the African department. These are taken from an interview with the head of the exhibition department done during the research, or from “Perspektivplan 2010”, a publication describing the goals and intentions for the development of the garden.

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