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Landmark 2007

Landmark was produced as a permanent piece of public art in Lower Austria. The region has a rich archaeological history and the participating communities wanted a sculpture to mark some of the interesting spots. Due to the large scale of the landscape and since there is mostly nothing to see, we did not want to produce a 3-dimensional object which would take away focus from the archaeological story on the site. We chose to work with pavement markings on the existing parking lots, and think of the asphalt as just another achaeological layer and the markings in the didactic tradition of archaeology and history.
At the same time the parking lot is an essential element in tourism and obviously the place where the visitor will go first.

The markings tell what is under the ground, that which you cannot see. Not necessarily the name of the site, but what was there years ago. So it says „settlements“ on the parking lot next to the old cemetery some 1500 m outside of the next village, referring to the stone-age villages found in the fields around the site. On the parking lot next to the regional hospital the word „warriors graves“ refer to the findings of richly equipped graves discovered during the construction of the hospital. On a black field next to the large letters a few keywords giver some further information to the findings.

Produced with the assistance of Helmut Heiss