Village fig. 8 / Fertighausträume   2004

Installation view, 162 von 172 Häusern stehen an der Hauptstraße…,
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, 2005

The black and white photographs in the double slide projection depict the houses in a large commercial exhibition of prefabricated houses outside of Vienna, a place resembling an artificial village. The images are juxtaposed with text excerpts from the annual magazine, “Fertighausträume” (“Pre-fab House Dreams”), which presents the new models of prefabricated houses by major construction companies in Austria. The texts tend to anticipate and formulate the dreams and desires of the owners-to-be, opening a field between standardized products and the promise of individuality.

2 slide projections, 162 slides (German / English)
approx. 15 min.
Translation: Barbara Zorman, Emily Lemon

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