The Expert  2006

Installation view
Colonialism without Colonies? Relations between Tourism, Neo-Colonialism and Migration. Chapter 2: for example TEU: 8 feet x 20 feet
Shedhalle Zürich

In 1962 the Danish Ministry of foreign affairs established the Danish International Development Assistance, Danida, with the purpose to coordinate the Danish development aid. During the following 50 years, Denmark sent out so-called ”experts” to work in Danish and international projects in a number of developing countries.
The experts left Denmark with certain expectations and ideas about the culture they would meet. They applied very different strategies in the encounter with the local situation. After having returned back home to Denmark, they had to re-integrate their individual and specific experiences into their Danish biography, and to mediate their experiences into the Danish context, which mostly had little more than a generalised image of the places where the experts had been. Of course visual material such as photographs and film were crucial in this mediation process, towards a private, family audience, aswell as more public audience at lectures and schools.
«The Expert, Part 1» is the first part of an ongoing project «The Expert». The project works with image production and notions of the African in a Danish perspective.
«The Expert, Part 1» looks at the approach to the local African architecture. It is staged at a world bank secondary school in Zambia. 75 images of white shapes projected as a slide show on the black surface depicts the building process of a pavilion in a teachers garden and includes a short text introducing the situation and different persons. It is juxtaposed with a wall painting showing a communal room in the school, 4 students are sitting on a stage in front of a wallpainting of an African landscape in a theatrical frame. The images are based on amateur photographs taken by former experts in Zambia.


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