Installation view, Efterårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg, København, DK, 2000

Åben Billedcentral was a collection of 2700 photographs with contributions from 210 photographers. We invited people with different professions and background for doing photography to contribute. In the invitation we asked people to send us images they would like to give away to somebody else. Some we also asked to pass the invitation on through their personal and professional network, and in this way the invitation spread far, crossing borders of professions, geography and personal networks.
We collected the photographs over 3 months and mounted them on bricks of wood with the purpose of distributing them to the audience at the Fall Exhibition in Copenhagen. On each block the name of the photographer was stamped on the back. In the exhibition-space they were stacked along the walls, and a text told the audience that they could chose an image and take it with them home. During the 3 weeks of the exhibition, the installation became smaller and smaller until it was all gone and 2700 images had been taken away by new owners.
Åben Billedcentral was a temporary collection of photographs of different characters and origin, which during the exhibition became the private objects of new owners.

Åben Billedcentral (with Elsebeth Jørgensen)    2000

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