Installation view, Opacity, UKS, Oslo, 2005

The slide-projection “We used to run an artspace just across the street from here” takes it departure point in the storefront typical for small-scale artistrun- and independent spaces and is working around the idea of the facade as a communicative space towards a public. Images of such an entrance situation with a shop-window and a door towards the street alternates with a short, model-like story about a small independent artspace, without the town or the space being specified. Neither do the images show the space itself. The story is rather simple, but addresses issues of gentrification of neighbourhoods, strategies and effects of self-organisation, and the spaces in which this can happen. Although the same few images repeat themselves throughout most of the piece, towards the end images of entrances to Viennese post-war public housing, decorated with mosaics of urban construction- sites, are mixed in. This is a modern art in public space with an educative purpose, and represents an opposition to the self-organised, individual practise of opening and defining your own space as an emerging artist.
The piece was produced for the context of the nifca-exhibition Opacity at UKS in Oslo, Norway.

We used to run an artspace just across the street from here

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