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Village fig. 8 / Am Hauptplatz, im Wald ...   2005

Installation view, 162 von 172 Häusern stehen an der Hauptstraße…,
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, 2005

Film, 35mm: 6:40 min. (German)
Video: 36 min.
Poster series, 6 motifs, each 50 x 70 cm

Produced for the Festival of the Regions, 2005

The material for the film project was collected during workshops with the participants of four different youth clubs in rural villages in upper Austria. The places where the kids spend their free time were researched and revisited. The teenagers, mostly between 13 and 16, showed the places in the landscape and the villages where they hang out and meet, and told real and invented narratives about these self-defined and self-acclaimed places in public space.
The video footage produced during the workshops resulted in a documentary video about the project containing all the collected stories. This material is the basis of the central part of the project - a 35mm short film consisting of a sequence of still frames, black and white drawings of places and situations, following one another as they would in a slide show. A voiceover is spoken by a young girl with an Austrian dialect, telling a story of space, time, gender, and fiction, based on the narratives collected in the workshops.
The short film first opened as a trailer for the evening program in the local cinema in the community where the project had been developed. In addition to the film a series of six posters were produced and distributed on billboards in the region.

Voice: Verena Prammer
Camera: Katharina Lampert, Stephan Ludescher
Editing: Katharina Lampert, Harald Hund

Sofie Thorsen und Søren Grammel im Gespräch zu
Am Hauptplatz, im Wald.
Zuerst veröffentlicht in Festival der Regionen 2005 –
Geordnete Verhältnisse, Hrsg. Martin Fritz u.
Peter Arlt, 2005