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Den farveløse ø
Aarhus Art Building 14.11. 2009 – 24.01. 2010

Installation view, The Achromatic Island, Aarhus Art Building
Photography: Flemming Jeppesen

Excerpt from catalogue preface:

For several years, Sofie Thorsen has been occupied with the city: its architectural framework and its social, cultural, historical and political implications. The theme of the exhibition, Den farveløse ø, at the Aarhus Art Building, is, in a broader sense, about urbanity and development and its ramifications, and about highlighting the small but significant details that help shape the spaces we live in – urban spaces, as well as the cultural and social spaces that define our experience.
At the same time, Sofie Thorsen deals with the notion of perception – as a cultural phenomenon as well as a personal experience. In many ways, The Achromatic Island is about seeing: what is immediately in front of us, what we often overlook, and what we haven’t seen or haven’t yet tried to see. How do we actually look at reality? How do we register, chronicle and photograph our surrounding world? And how can historical, cultural or individual views of the world be understood and read?

Karin Hindsbo
Director and chief curator at Aarhus Art Building

Samples of the catalogue can be viewed as pdfs: [1] [2]